The Surfing Pig - BBQ, Seafood & Raw Bar



Looking for Authentic BBQ or ‘almost jumps off your plate’ fresh seafood?  The Surfing Pig brings together the best of Waterfront Dining, Real Wood Smoked BBQ & Local FRESH Seafood.  If the mouthwatering food isn’t enough to entice you in for dinner, how about a Spectacular Sunset?  Every table in the restaurant has a spectacular sunset view… 

Most of our guests will tell you our crab cakes are the best on the island... All of our Seafood and Raw Bar the are from the freshest sources available. 

All of our BBQ offerings are Real Wood Smoked right here at the marina. 

Not feelin' the BBQ, Seafood or Raw Bar tonight... We also have a few other alternatives including a fresh catch of the day platter's, sandwiches and a crazy selection of burgers as well.